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TH Black Cash 1013

AAA 17603327

Birth Date: 01/20/2013     Tattoo: 1013

Semen: $25.00 per straw     Certificate: $35.00

Black Cash was the high selling bull in 2014 South Montana Angus Association Sale. An eye appealing bull with excellent feet and legs. He is a calving ease sire with growth and his pedigree is loaded with maternal.

Hero 3414.jpg

TH Hero 3414

AAA 18017739

Birth Date: 01/22/2014     Tattoo: 3414

Semen: $20.00 per straw     Certificate: $35.00

Hero is your sure shot true calving ease bull. His four generation pedigree stacks Hero 2418 on New Design 2122 on Right Time, Traveler 71 on Rito 2100 on PS Power Play. His pathfinder dam records four calves at 109 and grandam was 9@110 when we sold her into Argentina in 1998.


HA Prime Cut 4493

AAA 17943466

Birth Date: 02/17/2014     Tattoo: 4493

Prime Cut is a powerhouse sire that offers an outstanding EPD profile, unique performance/maternal pedigree, and phenotypic excellence. He sires remarkable muscle shape, depth of body, and substance of bone.


S Chisum 255

AAA 17298481

Birth Date: 03/15/2012     Freeze Brand: 255

Chisum is a calving ease cowmaker excelling for $W and $B. His daughters are big-bodied and excellent uddered. Heifer-safe with a significant advantage for docility. He offers offers an outcross pedigree with plenty of mating flexibility.

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Black Cash 1116

AAA 18652146

Birth Date: 01/13/2016     Freeze Brand: 1116


Southwest Montana Angus Association Champion performance bull 2008, 2009, 2012

Southwest Montana Angus Association champion performance sire group 2008, 2009, 2012

Single Shot Jackpot Treasure Test Center Performance Bull 2012